A new law tailor made for Philip Morris?

In the last few weeks, the main online sites are reporting the extraordinary news that the Italian Government is about to present a law tailor made for Philip Morris.
The long standing saga concerning the pros and cons of the electronic cigarettes has now reached absurd proportions.
It is now universally known that the electronic cigarettes are not as harmful as traditional cigarettes, as it is equally common knowledge that the war waged by the Italian Government against the electronic cigarettes is to safeguard the tax on conventional cigarettes.
Obviously the Italian Government has tried, and it’s still trying, to destroy the ecig market in favour of the traditional cigarettes which generate millions of Euro in tax every month. When it became clear that by switching to the ecigs people gradually stopped smoking regular cigarettes, and therefore paying less taxes, the Italian Government started reacting. Injunctions without any scientific proofs, enforcement of irrational tax regulations, newspaper articles that spread unfounded general alarm.
All this up to recently, but now, suddenly, things have changed. Not for everyone, though.
Daily newspapers are now releasing positive reports regarding a mysterious electronic cigarette described “of a new generation”. A cigarette identical to the “normal” cigarettes, that heats up the tobacco and emits nicotine. Where is “the new generation”? To understand the unexpected u turn of the Italian politics and press it’s sufficient to say that the new ecigarette is produced by Philip Morris. The name Philip Morris has been crucial in changing the previous views towards electronic smoking, which now seems suddenly (but only the Philip Morris brand, of course!) be given priority, unaffected by bans and disproportional taxes.
The Sole24Ore reports:” The new generation of ecigarettes, that is the one containing tobacco, will most likely be used in public places such as bars and restaurants and will be freely advertised. This is what is declared in article 1 of the draft of the legislative decree on tobacco taxation, now being studied by the ministry of Economy according to which, the new electronic cigarette is to be considered a “product for inhalation” and not a “product for smoking” in spite of containing tobacco”.
Let us be clear: only Philip Morris brand ecigarettes will be classified as products “for inhalation”, all other electronic cigarettes will remain products “for smoking”, against any logics and common sense, as stated by a previous decree.


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