The english scientific world is in favour of the electronic cigarette

Health experts in Britain are urging the World Health Organisation not to ‘control and suppress’ e-cigarettes. This article, which appeared in the daily newspaper Metro, declares that more than 50 researchers and public health specialists have sent a letter to the organisation claiming the devices could save millions of lives.

According to the researchers  and experts  the electronic cigarettes  should not be subject to regulations similar to those imposed on conventional cigarettes. The move came as the WHO prepares to publish global guidelines on the devices.

In the letter sent by the English researchers and experts it says that  this product could be among the most significant health innovations of the 21st century, as it could  save hundreds of millions of lives.

The letter’s signatories include Prof Robert West, a health expert at University College London, and advisers to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

Recent research by Prof West said e-cigarettes can improve the success rate for people trying to quit smoking by 60 per cent compared to other type of aids available such as  nicotine patches or gum.


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