“Passive vapou”, it’s not an issue

“The vapour emitted from the e-cigarettes is not dangerous”. This was published by the “Inhalation toxicology” magazine, based on a research made by the “Consulting for Health, Air, Nature and Green Environment” the Center for Air Resources Science and Engineering Clarkson University U.S.A.

According to the American researchers, the vapour emitted by the electronic cigarettes it is not harmful to people and doesn’t alter the quality of the air if smoked in a closed environment. Therefore the electronic cigarette doesn’t cause passive smoking.

Michael Siegel, researcher of the Department of Community Health Sciences at Boston University School of Public Health, with a 25 year experience in this field, declares that with the electronic cigarettes the problem of passive smoking doesn’t arise.

Based on this eminent findings, Ovale, world leader company for the projection, production and distribution of electronic cigarettes, believes that the banning of electronic smoking, which discriminates the ecigarette, it’s absolutely unfair. Passive smoking is not an issue, as the electronic cigarette only emits steam.

Seven years ago Ovale Europe, which is based in Desenzano del Garda, was the first company in Italy and in Europe to invest in the creation of the electronic cigarette.

With over one million Ovale smokers and more than 400 shops opened in the last year creating well over 1500 jobs, Ovale is considered the Italian and European leader in this field.


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